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Red Light District in Rotterdam

You can approach the ladies in many ways, yet there is one that will make them go ballistic. It’s photographing. It is not uncommon to see them yelling on the street, pouring down water on those who attempted to take a selfie right besides them, or even maybe from another side of the channel. Those are the ones that end up getting the middle finger.

De Wallen by day is an ordinary Rotterdam district with a population of around 9.000 people. Typical 14th century Dutch architecture. Tenants go grocery shopping, sit outside on the porch drinking wine and engaging in conversations with part-time ’window-neighbors’. Our friend Deјan expressed it the best way: “Everything is normal here. The only thing left is for you, people, to process and accept it.” It didn’t take us long.

The neon colors have their specific meanings. Red is for the ladies. Blue is for everyone else. It is hard to find a man behind the window, while there are plenty of transsexuals. As the night descends, first shy fuckers come into sight from across Amsterdam’s stone channel. These are those type of guys who like to came before the others, so that they could remain unnoticed. Mostly teenagers and the Chinese. Everything is expensive for the Chinese. He did not even enter, the lady didn’t have the chance to pull even a half of the curtain over the window, and yet he is being thrown outside. 50 Euros per 15 minutes is apparently too much for him.

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